Our Services

Brown Boot Media helps businesses and organizations build a strong online presence through responsive and functional websites designed to market

Template Design & Development

  • New Website Design
  • Current Website Development
  • Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • Wordpress Theme Customization
  • UX Design
  • Styling

Digital Marketing

  • A/B Testing
  • Global Marketing
  • App Integration
  • Google Analytic Reports

Content Management

  • Content Development
  • Text, Image & Video Editing
  • Wordpress Data Management

Website Security & Performance

  • Site Speed Testing
  • Security Testing and Management
  • User Testing
  • File Management
  • Staging Server Set-Up
  • Data Migration
  • Web Hosting

Our Portfolio

Most recent work


Advanced Technology Group

A research group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Scope of Work

  • New Website
  • Customized Open-Sourced Theme
  • LBNL Host
  • Apache Server
  • Status: Live; Work In Progress

John Nash Music

John Nash Music

Singer/Songwriter Portfolio

Scope of Work

  • New Website
  • Customized Theme
  • One Paged Website
  • Inmotion Host/Server
  • Status: Live


Telecentre Foundation

A global nonprofit organization

Scope of Work

  • New Website
  • Customized Theme
  • Global Users
  • Multiple Site Functions
  • Heavy Content Integration
  • Corporate and Community Site Combined
  • Wordpress Host
  • Staging Server Set-Up
  • Version Control System Set-Up
  • Azura Server;
  • Status: Live

Infuse Glass Studio

Infuse Glass Studio

A Glass-Making Art Studio

Scope of Work

  • New Website
  • Customized Theme
  • ECommerce Plugin
  • Event Calendar Function
  • SEO
  • Wordpress Host
  • GoDaddy Server
  • Status: Work in Progress

The Team

Expertise in digital marketing, design and engineering



Founder | Web Designer


Back-End Engineer

Our skills and idiosyncrasies

An Integrated Approach

Brown Boot Media is a web design company that integrates marketing and engineering expertise. Every website represents a network of systems—UX design, programming, safety, performance, marketing—that must be equally developed. To this end, our two-person team provides a service that meets business needs with the technical skills of engineering and digital marketing strategy.

Katrina has resisted hyper-specialization because she believes in the inherent value of integrated and multi-disciplinary approaches. She holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology and is currently pursuing an MSc in Data Science. Her background in the social sciences and interest in tech has been applied to business development, operations and marketing for social enterprises within both the for- and nonprofit sectors. Katrina has an affinity for weathered walls and bright lichen. She thinks quality should precede quantity 99% of time which is why she maintains a bias towards minimal design.

Carlos is an electronics and software engineer by training. He holds a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering. When he is not supporting Brown Boot Media with back-end tasks, he spends his time developing software for particle accelerators. Carlos has been known to crush out 50,000 lines of code in short order while rocking out to Depeche Mode.

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Brown Boot Media was created with two goals in mind: to help businesses build a strong online presence and to get more people involved with the tech community.

Digital technology in general and web development in particular can feel like an obscure terrain for those outside of the industry. A Brown Boot Media bias is the conviction that mono-cultures have rarely served communities, which is why, behind our work, is the desire to get more people from various backgrounds involved with the tech community. We support the open software movement and enjoy sharing the many open tools available throughout the Web with our clients.


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